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How to Avoid The Battery Lose Power When The Notebook is Turned Off?

Notebooks bring a lot of convenience to our work and life, and we can work anytime and anywhere. The battery life of a notebook can generally be used for several hours when it is fully charged, but have you ever found such a situation that the battery will lose power more or less when the notebook is turned off? There is 90% electricity when it is turned off, and it becomes 80% electricity when it is turned on again after a while. What causes this situation?


Let's talk about this problem. Under normal circumstances, there are two reasons why the battery will continue to consume power after the notebook is turned off:


1. As for notebook computers with USB Charging Port, even when the notebook is turned off, the interface will continue to work.


There are many notebooks with shutdown and charging functions (generally speaking, these rechargeable USB interfaces are marked with icons such as lightning or battery next to the USB interface of the notebook. ), so that when the notebook is turned off or asleep, it only needs to use the data cable chain to connect with devices such as mobile phones, and can charge the devices, just like charging treasures. Therefore, when there is no special need, the USB port of the notebook should not be plugged into the mouse, keyboard, USB flash drive, mobile hard disk, mobile phone, etc., but all mobile devices should be disconnected.



2. The notebook has the function of Wake On LAN. Even if the notebook is turned off, once this function is turned on, it will allow the computer to keep the network connection active when connecting the network cable. The wake-up function of computer is seldom used in our daily use, so turning off this function has almost no influence on the normal use of notebook.


Closing method: Right-click "computer" or "this pc" on the desktop, and then select "device manager" after the pop-up menu. In the device manager interface, expand the specific option of "network adapter", right-click the item of network adapter to be set, select "properties", then select power management, cancel the check mark in front of "allow this device to wake up the computer", and finally click OK to exit. As shown in the following figure.



You are able to refer to the above two methods and try to set up your own notebook. If your battery is not aging, you hope to help extend the battery life.